12b Underwater Leech Boss Battle

***First Sight Remarks***

You’re not going to worm your way out of this one”

The early bird kills the worm”

That’s one huge one eyed wonder worm”

I love gummy worms”

This whole thing has turned out to be one giant can of worms”

***Leech Attack Types***

-Lunge Bite Attack (Primary Attack 1)

The Leech coils up hisses and lunges biting the player knocking them back and damaging the player approx 25 hits points. This can also be fatal if the player is knocked back to far and drowns attempting to get back to an air bubble stream

-Electrical Discharge Attack (Primary Attack 2)

The Leech tips its head back, charges up and projects out of its mouth a sustained cone shaped electrical discharge damaging the player approx 10 hits points a second and slowing the players movement down. This attack also leaves behind a large radial damage zone in the area it hit for approx 5 seconds. This damage zone can also slow the players movement down and prevent the player from using both air bubble streams and infinite ammo crates within its proximity.

-Whirlpool Suction Attack (Special Attack after damaging the Leech a TBD amount)

The angry Leech roars, rears its head back, opens its mouth and creates a suction whirlpool volume the player can swim against but cannot swim out of to draw the victim into its mouth to bite them. Anything within the volume of the whirlpools suction including the player, debris, barrels, pipe bombs, and fired rockets will be sucked into the Leeches mouth. If the player is sucked into the Leeches mouth the Leech bites down on the player hard and is thrown out like a chew toy out in the water further than the Lunge Bite attack. The player may die from the attack or drown trying to get back to an air bubble pipe after being tossed. Note this attack only occurs when the Leech is angry after the player has damaged a TBD amount and survived its other attacks

***Leech Battle ***

-The final Bomb site is guarded by the Leech who will attack the player and prevent them from planting the bomb until the Leech is dead. This will require the bomb planting be turned into a strength tap event. The Leeches body is coming out of or wrapped around the Penstock Pipe blocking the exit. For the entire battle the Leeches rear Head Quills are retracted so that only a small tip of them are visible with the exception of the flair up extension of the quills for awareness, pre-attacks and the final stunned state animations.

-Skirting a 180 degree semi circle around the Leech is the players life line the pipe with a series of air bubble streams. Strategically located in between the air bubble stream pipe are infinite ammo crates with RPG and Pipe bomb ammo.

In front of each air bubble stream are large concrete pillars that the player can use for cover. However during the battle the pillars will break apart from the Leeches Lunge Bite Attacks if the player stays on one air bubble stream too long. 2 of the 5 air bubbles streams can get covered up in debris or destroyed from the pillar destruction ramping up the battle as the sequence progresses

-If the player survives the Lunge Bite and Electrical Discharge Attacks and damages the Leech a TBD amount the Leech will become angry and go into its Whirlpool Suction Attack giving the player a brief opportunity to throw a pipe bomb or shoot a rocket into the Whirlpool Suction Volume or Leeches open mouth which stuns the Leech for a brief moment.

-Each time the Leech is stunned it collapses to the dam floor and it main top Head Quills extend out and glow allowing the player a brief opportunity to hit use key to enter a strength tap mini-game. If the player is successful in the mini-game he pulls out one of the main Head Quills from its root damaging the Leech who flails in pain and returns to its Lunge and Chemical Discharge Attacks. If the player is unsuccessful in the mini-game he is damaged the same as a Lunge Bite attack and thrown clear from the Leech who returns to its Lunge and Electrical Discharge Attacks.

***Finishing Humiliation Moves***

This can go 2 ways either we plunge a pipe bomb into the Leeches ass which is constantly moving until the 3rd stunned state in which it collapses to the dam floor and glows or we pull out a 3rd quill and ram it through the Leeches eye. Upon successfully performing the finishing humiliation move the Leech flails in pain damaging the Penstock pipe and creating an exit hole before dying. The player can then safely access the last bomb target and exit the newly open Penstock Pipe hole.

***Death Remarks***

How would you like a C-4 enema?”

How would you like a C-4 suppository?”

This will help your constipation”

Blow it out your ass”

Bottoms up asshole”

Turn your head and cough”

Gluteus explodeus”

Right in the Keister”

I aint blowing smoke up your ass”

This is about to impact you colon”

Montezuma's revenge”

Colon-ize this motherfucker”

I’m going to stick this where the sun don’t shine”

Always be finishing”

-Quill through the eyeball

Here’s looking at you kid”

Watch out for that you might poke your eye out”

Always keep an eye out for the Duke”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

I guess you’re not the one eyed wonder worm after all”

The early bird kills the worm”

This wasn’t such a giant can of worms after all”

Looking good”

***Leech Battle Idea 2***

This battle is the same except the Leech’s primary 2 attacks are the Electrical Discharge Attack and the Whirlpool Suction Attack and the special attack is the Lunge Bite Attack. If the player survives the Leeches primary attacks and damages the Leech a TBD amount the Leech will become angry and go into its Lunge Bite Attack. Here the player must use himself as bait to trick the Leech into lunging into one of the concrete pillars slamming its head and stunning itself. The end of this battle is the same.