Prey story treatment 1

Story Treatment

Primary cast:

Talon Brave


Main character




Talon is an Apache Indian--smokes, drinks, loser, intelligent, mechanic, 26 years old, wears work shirt and jeans, has loved and lost hard, past (in childhood, at about age 13) mystical experience with great grandfather and growing up made him gain, and then painfully lose, all of his mystical "faith," views actions of tribal elders with deep skepticism, works in reservation motor-pool garage (he gets room and board)-no real ambition at the moment.

Powers: intelligent, "hidden" mystical powers, athletic, mechanical & electrical skill, tenacious

Disadvantages: fights against his innate powers, low self confidence, "hard" attitude, cynical

The Staleene Keeper


Obstacle character




The master of all Keepers-essentially, she is God-mother and caretaker of our genetic stock, the single being who can damn or save all of Earth-our human concept of God actually derived from notions and ideas "planted" by the Staleene Keeper tens of thousands of years ago.

It should be noted that the other species of the Trocara look down upon the Keepers, and the Staleene Keeper does nothing to change this perception--she is content in their ignorance--the other species do not fully understand the Keeper's (or her own) power.

It should also be noted that the Staleene Keeper is deeply jealous of life that can procreate on its own--watching the genetic breeding and mutations of the Trocaran species is a sort of "living vicariously" for the Keepers.

The Great-grandfather




Talon’s great grandfather serves an almost “Obi-wan” role in Prey.

Talon’s great grandfather had been a mystic, deep into the art of peyoteism, and clashing weekly against the Christian missionaries sent to rid the reservations of this “pagan and ungodly ritual” (during the Depression years).

When Talon was 13 years old, his parents took him to a reservation in New Mexico to see his great grandfather, who was dying. Talon had never met his great grandfather before, but there was a strange familiarity in the old man’s gaze, almost as if he had met him many lifetimes ago. His great grandfather could not speak, but he placed his hand on Talon’s shoulder and it felt as if an energy was entering into him. At that moment, his great grandfather died.

Talon meets the old man in the guise of a spirit walker on the Trocaran space ship. He is old, wise, steeped in mystical knowledge, and he understands that his destiny is inescapably tired to Talon’s—he must guide him, encourage him and teach him how to open up to his own mystical energies. Only then can Talon succeed in his quest.





Hataa-skeen is the leader of the “skeen” tribe of vampyric humanoids. These vamps are humanoid alternates—they were created several hundred years ago (very recently in the relative time of the Trocara) for use in arena combat. Several hundred were created, but they failed in their combat assignment, so engineering was stopped on their bloodline. The few hundred that remained were summarily discarded in the humanoid area of the Trocaran mothersip.

The vamps have evolved into a tribe-like entity ruled by Hataa-skeen. Since the vamp tribe cannot reproduce, life is very precious to them, and the death of a clans-women is very painful. The overt agenda of Hataa-skeen is very similar to that of Batty in Blade Runner—find someone who can make them reproduce or who will create more.

Mary Thunder




Mary is an Apache who grew up on the small reservation in eastern Arizona. She attended ASU and majored in education and received her K-12 certification. Currently, she teaches 4-7th grade at the reservation school. She is dark, attractive and very intelligent. She is a very level-headed and rational person who tends to offer advice, even when it’s not needed. While she is truly very wise, her wisdom is very limited due to her limited life experience. She avoids new situations because she feels like she is losing here control.

She has just recently spent time with the brooding Talon Brave. She likes him very much and she secretly hopes that it blossoms into much more. Talon possesses those traits which she does not have, and it’s very appealing to her.

The Hive Queen




The Hive Queen is the ruler of the insectoid Trocaran species. While the insectoids, due to the great variations in their genetic stock, are not rules by any “hive mind,” they are ruled by the cunning Hive Queen. She controls the myriad of insectoids through her powerful pheneromes, and she only allows limited other insectoids to posses “independent” intelligence. While there are other “drone” queens who produce the various larvae, she alone produces intelligent larvae and can create additional drone queens.

She is very eager to take hold of her prize: Earth, but she is even more pre-possessed with riding the Trocara of the humanoid species altogether (she thinks them vile and worthless).

The Humanoid Hegemon




The Humanoid Hegemon can be most easily described as a variation of Baron Harkonen in the Dune movie by David Lynch. He is a disgusting, fat and slightly insane ruler. He suffers from well-deserved paranoia. He has the most perverse of habits, combining incest with feasting.

He reluctantly supports Talon’s quest to succeed against the Keeper (though he’s skeptical that it will work), because keeping Earth would thwart the Hive Queen and keep a seed world with humanoid stock (there are getting to be less and less of them all the time).



Rex (need a better name) is the unquestioned ruler of the saurians—in fact, he considers himself the de facto ruler of the whole of the Trocara. His species is steeped in tradition, and he does not stray from this in the slightest.

While he hesitates to take sides, in this struggle, he sides with the Hive Queen, since it is the way of the games and the way that it has always been. Rex is a strong proponent of the status quo.

Chapter 1.

Night on a reservation in eastern Arizona. The elders sit around a large fire as the G’ans, costumed tribesman representing the mountain spirits, dance before the flame. Talon Brave stands in the shadows of the motor pool garage, watching and pulling on a cigarette. He sees no magic in their rituals, not now, not since he was a boy. He turns his back and disappears into the shadows.

In the sky, the clouds crackle with phosphorescence and the chanting stops for a moment as the elders look skyward. They start in again, raising their arms to the sky. In a hissing of rapidly ionized atmosphere, a column of bluish-white energy bursts from the clouds and engulfs the clan circle. For an instant, the circle of tribal elders are seen in silhouette, first in human form, and then only their bones visible as their flesh vaporizes. In a flash, there is nothing but a settling cloud of desert dust. Seconds count off in silence, and then the alien ship began its final descent.

Talon enters his row-house and flops down on the worn vinyl recliner. He picks up his crescent wrench and wipes the grease from the handle as an explosion rocks the cabin. Talon bolts out the door. From behind the motor pool, a column of flame erupts, then another by the school. Screams fill the air, and Talon runs towards the school. People run towards him, followed by something dark, hulking and incredibly fast. Mary Thunder rushes towards Talon, screaming for him to run as the dark creature leaps forward and jumps upon an old man. In a flash, we see the white of exposed bone, as the old man explodes into geyser of blood.

Talon reaches for Mary, but she too is grabbed by a pair of the dark creatures. Talon swings his wrench, but a third creature jumps at him, knocking him back. He hears Mary scream as she is pulled away. Talon leaps to his feet and runs back to his cabin. He throws back a hidden cellar door, grabs his bolt-action rifle and medallion, and leaps into the darkness.

Talon runs through a wet, dark corridor, the beasts close behind, until he comes to a metal ladder that leads up into the motor pool oil change pit. He leaps up the ladder and throws himself to the cement floor of the garage just as a beast slashes for his ankle. He spins and fires several shots down into the pit then pushes a large tool cart in to cover the opening.

Just as Talon takes in a deep breath, another beast tears though the steel garage door and begins to circle the oil change pit. Talon leaps into the school bus but realizes that he has left the keys on the workbench. He kicks open the emergency door and fires at the beast. He sprints to the front of the bus and leaps out of the door to grab the keys. As he spins around, he slams the butt of his rifle into the charging, wounded creature. He dives into the bus and clambers into the seat as the beast leaps in after him. Talon grabs a crowbar from the dashboard and buries the hook of the bar deep into the creature’s skull as he jams the keys into the ignition and starts up the bus.

With the rear wheels anchored from behind, Talon has no choice but to through the bus into first and stomp on the accelerator. As the bus bursts out of the garage, the two creatures pinned in the oil change pit burst forth and begin to devour their slain cousin. Driving out onto the reservation, Talon sees a landscape decimated by flames and wonton destruction. He speeds ahead, heading for the road.

After a few minutes of screaming down the road, Talon approaches Rico’s, a run-down service station. Several over-turned cars and a few scattered flames indicated that the carnage has reached here as well. Just as Talon slows to look, one of the beasts from the garage, which had been clinging to the front of the bus, starts to claw its way onto the hood. Talon reacts with surprise, jerking the steering wheel, and the bus caroms into the roadside ditch and rolls.

When Talon shakes himself away, he fumbles for his rifle and crawls out of the wrecked bus. The beast is pinned under the wreckage, its mouth opening and closing slowly. Talon walks to the station, gun at the ready. Nothing in the entry save for a spilled case of cigarette cartons and a single pool of round blood. Talon walks towards the garage and looks to his right. There he sees what is left of Rico--mostly just a slab of meat, with several ribs poking through the pool of gore. Talon vomits the contents of his stomach.

He steps towards the oil change pit and looks down—he sees what looks like Rico’s legs, plus the flash of two beastly eyes. Attempting to raise his gun, Talon slips on a smear of blood and pitches into the pit. Four eyes bear down on him and he fires his rifle as he scrambles towards the steel ladder. He lowered his shoulder and slammed into one of the charging beasts as he pulled himself up to the concrete floor.

Talon battles through the trailer park

Talon gets the first part of the Mod blaster in the trailer park.

Talon gets into a pickup and escapes

Talon reaches the Nike missile base

Talon sees the Trocaran shuttle ship take off and land again in some canyon

Talon finds his way into a missile silo and climbs down

Question: if possible, it’d b great to have Talon enter the base through a flooded silo--he must swim, sees the misile (warhead gone), swims deep then pops up into an airpocket that has a door--that’s how he gets into the base and how the door seals up.

The door seals up auomatically (Talon realizes that he must find a control center somewhere)

In the dwindleing emergency lights, Talon activates the electicity for the base--it still works, most lights are still out, but it still works

Talon works through the missile base

The base has ben abandonded for years--grafitti is everywhere.

Talon finds the control center (he’s killed everything by now), thinks the coast might be clear, and works to get the door open again--the controls, while he can activate some, accomplish nothing--in fact, they stat somethingelse in action, sealing off areas of thebase in airtight area--Talon knows this is bad as he hears far away doors seal shut. The btching better gives some hint that there my be another ay out. Talon searches.

Talon discovers the “alien wing” of the base by solving a puzzle and finding the hidden door--his oxygen was gowing dim by then and the lights were beginning to flicker out

Talon explores a very old looking area of the alien wing of the base-Talon comes to the conclusion that the creatures have been here before--he also comes to the indirect (not said literally) conclusion that the governemtn must have known about it.

Talon moves down a long corridor, exploring a light and sound at one end. He does something and a cave in stops Talon from going out the way he came in--the sound of the cave in also alerts the creatures on the other side of the new door. Talon recognizes some of the sounds, but not all.

Talon figures out how to open the door (or, perhaps, it is bown open from the other side). He is faced with a cidely newer section of the alien base, lots of creatures are there--Talon must run. He ges the second pat of the Mod blaster here.

Talon battles some aliens, but avoids most, as he runs twards the sound of wind. He kils a final few beasts as he sees the outside and the canyon walls.

Talon sees the shuttle in the canyon. There is an outropping of rocks (or some crates) that Talon runs to for cover. Talon turns to see aliens carying a few hostages from behind the ship towards the entrace of the shuttle--he recognizes Mary. Several other aliens cary some supplies from the base on floating platforms.

Talon decides that he has nothing left here (the reservation, his only anchor, has ben dstroyed). His only connection at this moment is Mary, and she’s dragged onto the shuttle. He decides that he will try to get onto the shuttle. He waits until the shutle is nearly ready to take off--he hearsthe roa of the ngine and sees some shfting light colors. With his blaster (use destruct mode here?), he blows up some of the supply tanks near the door of the alien facility--this creates a iversion just as the ship is getting ready to take off--Talon runs for the ramp and sneaks aboard the ship.

Cinematic: First, we see Talon hinding in the shadows. We now see the ship, from external view, fire it engines and begin to blast off. It flys up towars the sky, dissappearsin as dawn begins to paint the sky. We hn see the ship from a “traking” view, looking back at the small Earth abd the sun peeking over the horizon. We move along the ship, looking into the bridge, seing the crew at ork. Turning away, we just catch the smallest glimpse of the Troaran motthership

Note: this is a times level--the player can choose not to get onto the shuttle--if he does’t, we see it blast off, and as it’s up there, it drops some bombs that lay waste to thecanyon and kill Talon

Note 2: Talon can enter the shuttle by (preferred) creating a diversion and sneaking aboard or by blasting his way aboard--it ill effect how the next chapter begins

Note 3: Talon catches his first glimpse of a Keeper, in the “away armor” in this chapter


CH1L1 – Talon’s Apache reservation (large)

CH1L2 – Trailer park/gas station (medium)

CH1L3 – Mike isile base exterios (small)

CH1L4 – Nike missile base interior with alien faility (large)

CH1L5 - Exterior area with Trocaran ship (small)

Main chapter challenge(s):

Getting out of the reservation on the bus

Getting to the pickup truck

Geting into the Nike base

Discovering th control room and finding the access to the alin facility before air runs out

Geting out of the base

Geting onto the shuttle

Wow factor:


Chapter 2.

Note: make this bginning have more guards and activity if Talon shot his way in here.

Talon hides in the shadows of some storage crates as the shuttle tkes off. The ship ratles and rumbls as it leaves Earth’s atmosphere. Lights are dim and flshing, crates slide and fall off of each other--the sound is almost unbearable. Once the ship leaves the atmosphere, the lights stop flashing and things calm down a bit.

Suddenly, the storage room door opens and one of the zombies enters with a beast--the beast is sniffing for something. It caches a wiff of Talon and begins wailing a loud, ear piercing sound. Talon fires his gun, but there is only one shot left--the battery has died! Talon must get out of the room and close the door (there is no latch or way to open it from the inside-only a basic com link). If Talon doesn’t want te alarm spread, he will have to destory the comm link as he runs out of the room. With the dor closed, the wails of the beast quietdown significanly.

Talon now stands in a long, empty corridor--very Alien looking. He thinks of Mary and the other captives. He must find them.

Talon hears some other beasts coming and searches the hallway--he finds a trap door down into the bowels of the ship--he hops down as the door opens at the end of the long corridor. Talon follows the conduits and service tunnels until he comes to a thin door wich opens up to an electrical servie bay. He notices ome zombies looking over the service controls. He also notices, to the side, what looks like a locker for weapons. He sneaks over and quietly opens the locker and finds a level 2 mod blaster as well as some energy batteries. He loads them up carefully and takes out the zombies as quietly as possible.

Talon notices a schematic on the contols that seem to indicate the position of what might be cells or some sort of holding container. Talon makes his way along the conduits, but must climb to the hallways of the ship. Talon hunts through the ship and finally comes to a complex series of doors. He must first dispatch several guards, and the figure out the way in whuch to open the doors. After solving the combination, a large round door begins to creak open. Talon runs inside to see another door and another similar series of locks. The door, like the first, has a pane of glass in it--Talon can see figures moving about in the darkness. He calls out.

Before Talon can finish the combination, he hears the grinding of gears and the first door is begining to close. Talon can see several zombies working at the controls. Soon, the door is locked. Talon also notices that he cannot operate thecontrols to the second door. Soor, he hears a hising sound as a strange green gas begins to fill the room. Taking out his blaster, he fires it but it only bounces off the walls and the glass port-holes. Talon is coughing now, the room in a haze of total green--his health is falling. Talon (hearing a clue from his gg?) then pulls out his colt and fires it at the portal, and the glass cracks--a second shot and it shatters. He only has limited shots left (how do we do this?).He doesn’t have shots left to kill th ombies, and shooting the other portal won’t get things working, but he can shoot at the overide switch outside. Talon fires--it takes two shots but he destroys it, and now he has control of the second door. The zombis fire through the glass portal, but Talon dodges the shots and finally gets the second door to open.

When he teps into the holding area, he hears a chilling gurgle--unmistakably the last sound of a dying individual. It dark, only a few floor lights, and Talon nhears the whir of a machine. He fires his blaster into the darkness and it illuminates the freshly killed (and mutilated) bodies of one of the younger tribal males. He also sees a form similar to that which he saw back on Earth (the Keeper, in its “away” prosthetic.). I dissappears into the shadows and Talon hears the clank of a panel slamming shut.

Hearing the zombies trying to get through the first door, Talon hopes to himself that tere is another way out, and blasts the doors control. He also finds a switch that turns on theemergency lights. Talon is hoorified by what he sees: four “pedastals” to his right. On one is simply gore--Talon surmises that it was once human. On the second s the freshly killed body of a man, its head riped nearly in two as a gaping maw exists where the neck once was. There is a trail of wet blood leading of into the darknes. On the other two pedistals are two other men, deply afriad, and tthered to some sort of block with what looks like electical cables.

To his left he sees a cell, holding the remainder of the captivs. Mary is there. The cell has what looks like a low, blue foceield and bars too close together for a human to squeeze through. Talon asks May if she is all right. She is nearly histerical (she couldn’t see, but could hear the vivisection). Taon asks her where the gate or oor is--she says there isn’tone. He presse her and she tells him that that thing simly bend the bars and pushed them through, then bend them back. Talon tries, but the bars are too strong. Talon says that he thinks he knows a way out, and he’ll take the to men to try to ind it--he’ll try to takecontrol of the ship--a long shot, he acknowledges, but their only chace. Talon pauses, unsure as how to leave Mary, he moves closer then spins back (give control back to the player here).

Talon turns to the two mens and shoots the cables from the box. He tells them to follow him. Talon moves to the end of the room and sees a panel slightly ajar--he pulls it open and heads through. He moves through several conduits, following the blood trail. It ends as a strangly ornate door with no dicernable lock mechanism. Whatever came down here went through that door. Talon decides to move on, and eventually, they come up to some stairs that lead them to a main corridor of the ship.

The coast seems clear so the clamber up. Talon peers in a room containing four zombies--he jerks back but then realizes that they are still. They creep in and see that the zombie-men are wired up to some type of power device--they must be recharging.

From some glyphs on the wall, Talon sees wht is obiously the directions to the bridge. Talon is on the right track! Still, the place seems deserted. Talon follows the corridors according to the shematic and up aead, he sees a large double door opened to the bridge. There are a few zombies inside, and Talon gets his blaster ready. They turn down the hall. As soon as they enter the hall, alarms blare and light begin to flash. Talon shouts out to run and there are beasts and zombies behind them Talon fires as he runs towards the bridge.

He hears one of the men get shot but he keeps running, dropping the three higher-up zombies on the bridge. Talon spins around to close the door as the two men stumble in. One is deeply wounded and the other (who is also hit) kneels down to tend to hi. The wounded Aache moans.

Talon struggles to ake sens out of the controls on the bridge. He stops for a moment and looks out the large horizonal window and sees the ominous approaching shape of the the Trocaran mothership, filling the view port.

Talon fiddles with some controls and the ship lurches left, ten right. He must be on the right track. Pounding and blasting is beginning to dent the bridge doors--time is running out. Talon fiddles ith some more control and the ship seems to lurch, then veer, almost in a controlled fashion, to the left.

At that moment, the doors bursts in, the wounded Aaches are the first to be killed by the ire--Talon spins around, gun ready, but he is soon surounded--one of the zombies shoots the gun (or grab) from his hands. The zombies converge on Talon as he fades to red.

Talon awakes as the blur gradually fades--sounds are mufle, but some gures appear to be working bove him. He hears the sound of a whirring blade and then ses a spray of bright red blood. He fades out of consciousness.

Fading in again, Talon’s vision is clearer--the room is quiet--though distant humming and the sounds of huge machines can he heard. No one is in the room. Talon turns left--he sees a door. He turns right and there, on a clean, alien-looking tabl, are one of his legs and one of his arms. Talon lets loose a blood-curddling scream as he passes out once again...


CH2L1 – Trocaran shuttle (medium)

Main chapter challenge(s):

Getting out of the storage bay

Getting in to the prisoners

Holding off the aliens from retaking the bridge (impossible)

Wow factor:


Chapter 3.

Talon awakes in the darkness, to the sound of blowing breeze and creaking metal. His eyes adjust slowly. He is on some sort of platform, a pedastal really. Some lights flash by in the darkness. The smell is still and musty and not at all Earthly. A small blue light illuminates his pedastal. He sees the very old remains of some sort of creature, not human, on his pedastal.

He stands slowly--unsure about his limbs--they seem there and intact--perhaps it was just a dream. But he looks down, his jeans are torn and he feels the rough ridge of a scar around the meat of his thigh. He vomits dryly.

Talon thinks he is unarmed, but he sees the Colt lying on the platform. He picks it up.

Something is different--his vision seems somewhat clearer and more focused--motion seems to blur. Is he the same as he once was?

Looking over the edge of the platform, he cannot sense how far down it it. Below, he sees faint lights that might be other platforms, but he cannot be sure. He calls out--nothing but an echo. But wait! Did he hear a very distant scream? He cannot be sure.

He hears a whirring sound--something with flashing light skims by, just a few feet from his platform.

He pushes the ancient corpse from the platform and listens to it fall--he cannot hear it hit.

It’s obvious that Talon must get out of here, but how? When the skimming device comes by again, Talon jumps out and leaps on top. It buckles under his weight, but he holds on. (what if the player falls?) He is now skimming through the darkness, dropping in altitude--he jumps off onto another platform. In the distance, he can now make out somesot of wall. Another automated droneskimms by and he jumps off and onto the machine. It turns right, flying closer to the mamoth wall. Things jut out from the wall.

As the machine skims closer, he leaps onto one of the protrusions. He is on some sort of etal protrusion, and there seem infinitely many of them. Talon bgins to climb. He finds a lift that carries him up and he climbs some more. There are leaps to make and ladders to climb. He thinks he hears the ditant scream again and it stops him cold.

He hears the flapping of wings--some strange creaures fly by and try to knock him off. Talon shoots one and then scrambles for cover. Then he sees something strange--a box of bullets for his gun. As he picks them up, he hears a voice in the distance “I knew you would come--it was foretold.”

As he gets higher, he sees some lights and hears activity. He apprahs and climbs quietly. Two guards, looking like large females, roughly human in shape, talk together and look off of the edge. Talon hars alien language interspersed with understandable English, but the English feels like it’s coming from inside of his head.

As he gets closer, they spot him and begin firing (te same sot of weapons he’s used beofre). Talon fires back, kills one, rides a light ou tp the platform, and then kills the second--she teeters at the edge and falls backwards, screaming in the darknes. Talon picks up the weapon she has dropped. There is a door here, and Talon opens it--a whoosh of air nearly pushes him off of the platform.

Talon steps out into the the hallway of the most alien world he can imagine--dimly lit, dark, rusted and decrpit. The smeel is unbearable. The walls creak with age and eakness and vibrate with the hum of distant machines.

It is obvious that Talon is in a prison. The cells are everywhere, and in most, there is either nothing or something long sinse dead. There are rows and corridors full of these cells, with occasional guards. There seems to be no state of general alarm.

After what sems like endless searching, Talon spots a trail of fresh blood. He follows it and comes to a cell. There, in the shadows, something moves. “Talon? Is that you?” asks Mary Thunder. May looks frazzled--she explains that there were a dozen of them, but those things and some other creatures, fine and frail and silnt, came and took the rest of them away. She doesn’t know why they left her. She is in a cell, but Talon can find no way out. He asks how long they have been there--she doesn’t know for sure, but certainly over a week, after the ship landed here (wherever that is). She thought Talon was dead. She grabs his hands through the bars.

Talon hears a scream. He tells Mary that he will be back--he’s got to find a way out. He runs towards the scream. Son, he comes to what looks like a primitive operating room with a glass viewing panl. One of the strange creatures and the other, filagreed creature are working on an Apache strapped to a table. A pool of blood gathers under the table. The Apacheturns towards Talonand Talon regognizes him. He screams out Talon’s name. Talon shoots at the glass, but it does not break--he hears him scream again--he searchs for a way in--finally, he finds one and opens the door, just as another door closes and the two creaures disappear. Talon appraohes his friend, or what’s left of him. Limbs lie on the floor. He turnstowards Talon and whispers “why didn’t you stop them?” and then he dies.

Talon stumbles out into the hall and collapses, beside himself. He is becomming overwhelmed, feeling lost and helpless. He looks up--down the hall, he sees a shadowy figure appear--he turns to run but hears the word “don’t”--he stops and turns around. An old indian, partially transparent, moves close and begins speaking with Talon.

He explains that the moment has come, and they are connected one again. Talon recognizes him as his gg, but can’t believe it. GG explains that he is a spirit, remaining here to help someone complete a journey, and that someone is Talon. He begins to speak, but just then, a door creaks open and the gg vanishes. In pour 3 guard and Talon fights them. When they are dispachd, a srange sound comes from behind him and Talon spins around.

There, floating a meeter off of the flaked metal flooring, the the strangest machine or creature that Talon has ever seen. Wrapped in ornate folds of metal, with appendeages like liquid scultre, yet a strange, nearly human-like face stretched actoss a gas plasme crt screen is the Staleene Keeper.

The Staleene Keeper speaks--in a cold, feminine voice using English. She welcomes Talon to the Trocara. She is impressed with his seeming skills, but he must remeber that he is nothing but a momentary speck--just a fleeting flash of interest for the Keeper to even talk to him--soon, she tells him, even if he survives, he will be but a speciman of an extinct linneage. After, Earth was won, once again, in the games, and this time it was not your stock fathers who succeeded.

As Talon struggles to find meaning in her words, she simply stops speaking, and begins to move rapidly, but silently down the hall. Talon fires, but the shots blast off of some sort of force field. He hears her laughing as she turns the corner.

Talon explores further and finds a rather austere door and opens it--must air wafts past him. Stepping in, he appears in some sort of side entrance coridor to some large area to his right. After a while, he comes to a set of huge and somewhat ornate doors. He opens them--they creak open slowly and reveal a staircase down into a sepuchural chamber--but perhaps it isn’t a tomb at all--in fact, as Talon begins down the stairs, he realizes that is must be a library.

In the library, there are rows upon rows of shelves and kioss--some withold fashioned books like he has seen before--others are starnge and alien. Still others appear electronic. The floor is rife with dust and volumtric lights spill over the still air.

Talon spies several taller, diferent looking humanoids amongst the shelves. They spot him and begin blasting. Their calls crackle both in aline-speak and English. Talon kills the three of them and moves forward to one of the kiosks that they were standing around. It is active and Talon studies it. Here, he sees an outline of the entire Trocaran ship, the information that there are three species on board (no mention of the Keepers) andsome insight into the games.

Talon then explores further--he senses something and looks up-there, on a hight ledge leading into anther area (the stairs have fallen away in disrepair) is Talon’s GG. Talon runs closer as the GG moves into the darkness of a room up on the ledge. Talon moves around some shelves to get a closer look and he sees some stange creaure living there. It leaps out to attack him. Notintelligent, it is very viscious. Talon battles hard and finally dispatches the creature.

Talon then discovers that by movingseveral documentcrates, he can climb atop a shelf unit, leap to an outcropping and get up to the place where hisgg was standing.

Up on the ledge, he steps nto the room--he sees the back of his gg, hunched over and making marks on the floor. The gg ignores hm but stadsup and chants. Soon, a portal opens in front of the GG and he steps into another place. Talon steps in to follow.

Talon finds himself in a cave-like room--sandstone walls, decorated with paintings. The gg still chants and the portal closes. There seem to be no doors.

Talon’s gg explins to Talon tha it is time to bgin his training--time to awaken what has been sleping inside all thse years. He advises Talon that only by his will and focus can he awaken and reconnect to these forces. He also explins that without them, Talon will surely die, and “so will your children and the spirits of your anscestors. It has been foretold.” Talon ties to ask a question, but the gg raises his hand. He sys that it is time to awaken the ulifting force within. The gg claps his hands and vanishes. leaving Talon trapped in the room.

Examoning the images on the wall, one is outcropped and Talon touches it--pat of the wall slides open to reveal steps down. Talon follows. He comes to a small room wih a circle on the floor and a single stone near the wall. Talon steps into the circle and Talon feels an energy well up within himself. The voice of his gg tells him to focus--to connect to the threads of the rock and to pull it close. Talon does and slowly, the rock begins to move.

As therock moves, anothor door opens in the wall. Talon mves down more stairs into another room. Again a ciricle is on the floor (larger now). There is a pedistal and a lager rock. Talon’s gg says he must light the rock and place it on the pedistal. Talon focuses and bgins to lift the rock and guide it on the pedial. Another door opens.

Talon steps down another flight of stis hat end abbruptly. There are several pedtals in a lager room (different heihts), a row of several rocks (different sizes) and several different sized niches on the fa wall. Talon does not hear his gg’s voice, but soon, water begins to flow up from the floor, filling the rooms. He can jump to higher pedastals, but only for so long. Taon thinks that he must lift the rocks and place thm in their niches. Concentrating, he moves the first, then the second--he leaps to a higher pedastal as water pours in, then the third, up again to the highst pedastal. The fourth and final rock, he moves it, drops it, then as the water is nealy up to his chest, lifts it again int the niche. He hars something move under water.

He takes a dep breath and dives down--an opening is in the floor--he swims down, through a lng tunnel and up and out into a smaler cave with a domed ceiling. Here, his granfather sits, and simply nods his head--he says nothing, but ith a wave of his hand, the portal appears aain--Talon steps through.

He is back in the libray now and he hears a srugle--he crep around several shelves to see what looks like an atrative female vamp battling ith one of the tall humanoids and one of the large female guas. The vamp swings a spear and the lices the through of the tall thin humanoid. ext, she aims the spear at the large guard nd something shoots out and imbed in the guard. The guad twitches as nergy seems to flow into the vamp. Soon the guad falls dead. The vamp looks up--she’s sen Talon and turns to run. Talon begins to follow, but grabs the lage gun that has fallen by the guard.

Talon follow the vamp down some stais, through some conduits and into a dak and strange plae beneath the library. He runs into an open room and sdeenly, he finds himself surrounded by the vamps, all aiming the spears at him. He bgins firing the new gun, mowing them down-they shreik and the last one turns to un. Talon follows into another room with vamps--he fiers and drops three ore--more shrieking. He runs out of ammo, but picks up a spear, chasing the lst one down another corridor and into another room--here he finds three more--this looks like some sort of throne room or something like tha, but cobbled together. One vamp has bright blue hair (all the others had oragne hair). The orage hai pair leap infront of the blue haired one and begin to fight--Taon slashes and paries and eventually drops them both. The lue heiad on shrieks in seemingly inconceivable pain and drops her spear and falls back ito he ad hoc throne, weeping. Talon steps forward, and she stands, garing at him.

She begins to shriek and gesture--occasional words come through as Eglish. He has killed them all--all that there were--now there is only hataa sken alone. she shoud die now, she should just fall on her spear. Tlo sayshe disn’t mean it, they attacked him. Swails and shriks--no more--cannot bread, we were bred ad failed our batles and we caehere to hide--nowyou have destroyed us all I should be dead.

She wails bt maages to explain that she must get to the hegemon--he can help--wih Talon’s convincing and force, he can bring back her spcies--that is what she must do. She hates Talon but she needs him. The amera pulls back as she falls to her knees to weep.


CH3L1 – Humanoid prison (large)

CH3L2 – Humanoid library (large)

CH3L3 -- Talon dream quest 1 (small)

CH3L4 – Cybervamp area (medium)

Main chapter challenge(s):

Talon must escape cell

Talon’s first use of mystical powers

Talon’s defeat of the cybervamps

Wow factor:


Chapter 4.

Talon meets again with his great grandfather, who offers him a familiar and teaches him further skills through a second learning dream. When Talon returns to the cells, the captives are gone (several are there dead). Talon curses himself—if only he ran back and didn’t follow the woman (or his great grandfather), he might have made it. Now he must find Mary again. The computerized library kiosks provide some clues.

Talon finds a seemingly abandoned tram which takes him to another one of the large towers of the Trocaran mothership. Here, he encounters the large and loathsome hive queen of the Insectoid species. She relishes in telling Talon of the demise of his species on Earth, as well as her plan to eliminate the humanoids from the Trocara as well. She tells Talon of her plan to release the extermination drone (to wipe out the Earthly humans) without the Keeper’s consent. She is very proud of herself.

Talon makes his way to the external region of the Insectoid area and rides another tram to where he thinks the drone will launch from. He is too late, and he watches helplessly as the large gas drone launches towards Earth. Talon meets again with Hataa-skeen, and she offers him information in return for his commitment to help. He accepts and she leads him to a shuttle bay. Talon leaps aboard the foreign shuttle and takes off after the drone. He docks with it, boards and disarms the shuttle. He thinks for a moment of attempting to flee back to Earth, but he cannot leave Mary. He returns to the Trocaran mothership.

Talon meets with hive queen

Talon learns of the extermination drones

Talon encounters other alien vivisection of Indian, can’t stop it

Talon gets hint from Hataa-skeen to stop drones

Talon meets with Mary again, but can’t stop to free her

Talon must reach the exterior region of the Insectoid region

Talon must get the tram to take him up and into the Trocaran ship near the drone and shuttle bays

Talon tries to get to the drone, but it launches

Talon must get to the shuttle bay

Talon flys shuttle to drone

Talon docks with drone

Talon disarms drone

Talon must return to a shuttle bay


CH4L1 – Insectoid interior level (medium)

CH4L2 – Insectoid exterior level (large)

CH4L3 – Drone and shuttle bay area (medium)

CH4L4 – Shuttle interior (very small)

CH4L5 – Drone interior (small)

Main chapter challenge(s):

Stopping extermination drones

Wow factor:


Chapter 5.

Talon again meets with the Staleene Keeper, who has been following his progress. She is intrigued by Talon and offers him a challenge—survive three arena contests, and she will take Earth “out of the game,” effectively saving the human species. Talon agrees, but he must first honor his obligation to Hataa-skeen. Together, they track down the royal chamber of the humanoid hegemon.

*** have the humanoid flying ship here—where the hegemon is—he meets with him—pleads his case, is refused, fights a bit, but then the hegemon’s ship is attacked—Talon agrees to help and save the hegemon’s barge—in return, he admits that the humnaoids can’t help Hataa (they lost the stock and the scientific breeding background), but they will help Talon is he needs it (their seed worlds are getting fewer and far between)****

They have an audience with the opulent, yet unkempt ruler. He refuses to help, but Talon forces his hand—the ruler reluctantly agrees to help both Hataa and Talon. As they leave, they both know that he has no intention of keeping his word to Hataa.

*** the hegemon lets Talon take off in an autocraft (hataa stays behind to see if there’s something she can do)—he takes it, but it malfunctions close to the wall—it crashed on the wall—Talon makes his way across the wall, down slopes and to a small base—from here, he takes a tunnel to the saurian underwater seaport (one level), and makes his way up to the saurian city—here he finds the arenas***

Talon reaches the saurian area of the mothership. Here, he battles first against a specially bred “triplet” raptor. He narrowly wins, and the cheering crowd grows silent. Talon then faces a larger saurapod, and wins using his wits rather than simply brawn and weaponry. Finally, he faces the Insectoid alternate who has won the right to seed Earth. The battle is harsh and brutal, and Talon can only survive by relying on his budding mystical powers, and he ekes out a win by destroying the arena so that it crushes the hulking insectoid.

As Talon flees the angered crowd of saurians, he confronts Rex, the regal ruler of the saurian species. Rex is very distressed about the numerous chaotic divergences from the “norm.” The actions of the Hive Queen bother him, as well as the games of the Staleene Keeper. In an attempt to put things back on track, he rationalizes that killing Talon is the way to go. A battle ensues, but Talon uses his magic to trick the large saurian and escape.

***Talon battles towards a port where small space fighters are docked—using his powers, he gets in one, controlling the pilot—he flies up and out in space—other saurian ships fight them—finally talon’s ship arrives at a humanoid shuttle dock, high on the tower***

Talon finally confronts the Staleene Keeper. She tells him that he has won—that Earth will indeed be taken from the game. She gives him directions to place where Mary and the others are being held. She will meet him there.

Talon meets with Keeper again—is given the arena challenge

Talon meets with Hataa-skeen again, must get her to the humanoid hegemon

Talon meets the hegemon and Hataa pleads her case

The hegemon refuses to help and he and Hataa must defeat him

He agrees to help Talon where he can (???)

Talon must work through a saurian area to get to the arenas

Talon’s first match is against a saurian raptor

Talon’s second match is against and insectoid

Talon’s third match is against a large saurian

After winning, Talon is confronted by Rex

Talon must battle Rex—he can’t defeat him, but he can use his skills and mystical energies to escape.


CH5L1 – Humanoid exterior city (large)

CH5L2 – Humanoid hegemon chambers (medium)

CH5L3 – Saurian level A (medium)

CH5L4 – Saurian level B (large)

CH5L5 – Arena 1 (small)

CH5L6 – Arena 2 (small)

CH5L7 – Arena 3 (small)

CH5L8 – Saurian Rex area (small)

Main chapter challenge(s):

Surviving the arena battles

Getting away from Rex

Wow factor:


Chapter 6.

Talon follows the directions, but he has been lead into a trap. Instead of finding Mary, he finds himself on the front lines of a raging skirmish between the Trocaran humanoids and insectoids. Talon makes his way through the battle zone, hiding whenever possible and fighting when there is no choice. He once again runs into Hataa-skeen. Resigned to her fate, she is fighting alongside of the humanoids against the insectoids. She tells him that she has seen Mary and the others.

Talon begins his escape, but a large insectoid skimmer bears down upon him—Hataa leaps in front of the organic tank, screaming for Talon to run. As he flees, he hears the tank fire and Hataa scream.

Talon flees through some deep Insectoid corridors (round and sticky with mucus), and a seeming army of worker insectoids stops him. They lead him into a large chamber where the Hive Queen and her drone queens monitor the progress of the battle. She is furious at Talon for his disarming of the xenocide drone.

Talon locks into fierce battle with the Queen. First, he must destroy her drone queens, who are breeding fast, nimble warriors as fast as he can dispatch them. At last, Talon destroys the Queen and rushes to find Mary.

Talon tracks down the Staleene Keeper, who says that he has won—she give him directions where to go.

Talon runs smack into the front line of attack between the humanoids and the insectoids—the humanoids are only a partial threat, but the insectoids are triggered (by their queen) to get him.

Talon learns that Staleene Keeper isn’t keeping her end of bargain.

During the battle, Talon runs into Hataa-skeen, who tells him where Mary is. She then sacrifices herself to let him go.

Talon tracks down the Hive Queen

Talon battles and kills the Hive Queen


CH6L1 – Unknown level (medium)

CH6L2 – Humanoid/Insectoid battle level A (large)

CH6L3 – Humanoid/Insectoid battle level B (large)

CH6L4 – Insectoid Hive Queen lair (small)

Main chapter challenge(s):

Getting through the gauntlet

Destroying the Hive Queen

Wow factor:


Chapter 7.

Talon makes his way into the dark folds of the mothership, using his newly heightened mystical senses. He is obviously in the Keeper portion of the ship—it has an old, almost timeless quality about the strange architecture and design. Ahead, there appear to be numerous doors, all in succession, all with multiple locks. Talon watches from the shadows as several lessor Keepers enter and leave. Using his powers, he possesses one of the Keepers and enters the multiple locks—on the inside, he manages to sabotage the locks so as to leave the doors partially open. Talon pulls back from the Keeper, returns to Talon’s form and runs through the slight opening.

Talon finds what looks like a bank of cells, only it looks more like some sort of ancient zoo than a prison. Moving cautiously along, Talon discovers countless bodies of what were once human. Fueled with hate, he enters a large room, octagonal, almost like some sort of lecture hall. He hears Mary’s voice. She is lying on a table in the center, the fragile prosthetic form of the Staleene Keeper above her. Mary is talking incessantly about childhood memories, but the words have a strange cadence about them.

Talon enters the room. Mary’s head turns towards him, and a flash of recognition paints her face. She smiles and says “Talon, I’ve missed you...” Her head continues to turn—Talon notices a clean red line around her throat. Her head rolls towards him, eyes still open, and falls to the floor. The cut is smooth and nearly cauterized.

Talon collapses to his knees, not sure whether to touch her hair or not. In his grief, Talon doesn’t notice the Staleene Keeper silently moving out of the room.

Talon shakes his head clear and rises with dangerous determination. They must pay, the Staleene Keeper must pay! Talon strides forward, energy crackling from his fingertips. He walks deeper into the Keeper’s realm, passing several lesser Keepers. As he passes, he raises his hands and lightning jumps forth, decimating their mechanical prosthetics.

Destruction seems to want to leap from his fingertips, and in his rage, Talon hardly notices the form of his great grandfather appear—he appears been and twisted with pain. He pleads with Talon not to let his anger rise too quickly—it is not the way of the power, and only harm will come from revenge borne of anger rather than true spiritual focus.

Talon trembles as several of the small monkey minions descend into the room—leaping on top of each other to form their large brethren. Talon begins using his lightning power to break apart the large beasts, but the smaller creatures circle around him, dodging his fury. The more Talon fires, the more some ghostly apparitions seem to appear at the end of the room. They seem to be the spirit forms of other Indians—at first, talon sees his fallen friends and Mary Thunder, but soon, they manifest themselves into the forms of the soul stealers—they seem to suck in Talon’s rage and grow brighter and brighter. Talon hears the voice of his great grandfather, begging him to rethink his approach. Soon, the soul stealers begin to turn the energy back on Talon—he hears the panicked screams of souls in pain, and Talon’s only protection is to use all of his remaining energy to raise his circle of protection. As he hides under the veil of power, he hears the soothing voice of his great grandfather, and he gradually lowers his energy.

Soon, his shield falters, but the old man tells him to remain calm and true. Soon, he is exposed and the soul stealers blast their magic upon him—he wants to resist, but the old man tells him to remain strong—his strength pours from him—death seems only moments away as he falls to his knees, yet he notices the soul stealers faltering. Moments before darkness closes in, they vanish and leave behind the ghostly specters of trapped spirits. Talon crawls through these apparitions, and he feels their energy join with him and his strength begin to return. Talon says “I can see your wisdom, old man.”

Moving forward through ancient circular doors, Talon comes to a strange room, the ceiling high and the walls lined with strangely organic machines. The parts begin to peel off the wall and accrete together into a gigantic automation. Talon battles the creature with his magic almost exclusively, shorting out and blowing off parts with his conjured lightning. At last, he delivers a fatal blow and the remains of the machine crash back through a wall.

Talon climbs over the wreckage and through the hole in the wall. He finds himself in the most alien of control rooms. The pictographs on the machines and the walls tell him that this is the control heart of the mothership. He discovers the banks of ancient machines that control the magnetic harness for the manufactured sun at the center of the mothership. He begins to release one, then another of the multitude of magnetic locks. The power flickers as the sun shifts in its magnetic cradle.


destroy 1/3 of the trocaran ship

Talon nearly finishes the task as the Staleene Keeper appears. She tries to sound calm, but Talon can clearly notice the fear in her synthesized voice. She tells him to stop, tells him that he has truly won. Earth has already been taken out of the game.

Talon pauses and the Keeper waves one of here fragile prosthetic arms—a portal opens up and Talon sees Earth—it is morning in Arizona. He steps away from the machine and closer to the portal. She waves her arm again and another portal opens up—onto a city, obviously alien in nature, bustling with activity.

She explains to Talon that he has won, and that the choice is now his. He can return to Earth. But on Earth, who will know that he is any different? He won’t be a hero, he won’t be anything at all... Talon looks up, glares steadily at the Keeper, his gaze full of hate and determination. He turns to the Earthly portal and says “screw that pathetic rock” and leaps through the other portal, into the unknown...

Final shot of earth

Talon gets to Mary and the remaining survivors and frees them

Talon gets to the Keepers magnetic harness control

Staleene Keeper acquiesces

Staleene Keeper opens portal for Mary and survivors to return to Earth

She closes portal and offers Talon one final choice

Talon leaps into the unknown


CH7L1 – Keeper level A (large)

CH7L2 – Keeper level B (medium)

CH7L3 – Keeper magnetic control level (small)

Main chapter challenge(s):

Freeing Mary and the others (2 or 3 ?)

Getting to the Keeper “inner sanctum”

Figuring out how to shut down the magnetic braces

Wow factor:



Author: Paul C. Schuytema

Copyright 3D Realms 1998. Confidential document 24