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Development documents

Preyweb - a group of HTML documents with Prey specifications and ideas, written throughout 1997 and 1998 by Paul Schuytema and the Prey development team. They are the most complete collection of documents about Paul Schuytema's vision of Prey, and they include:
  • the backstory for the game universe
  • the whole story divided into chapters
  • every chapter divided into levels
  • the weapons
  • the enemies
  • ideas for interactivity
  • a development diary ranging from September 23, 1997 to September 30, 1998
George Broussard "revised" this version in 2001 by replacing all occurrences of the word "prey" with "Dark Harvest" (even when it does not make sense), and almost all occurrences of the name "Talon Brave" with "Tommy Hawk".

Plot 1 - a brief overview of the planned plot. Last modified on September 24, 1997.

Concept short story - Narration for the first two levels of chapter 1, written as a short story. Last modified on October 13, 1997.

New whole design - Project specifications, including a project schedule, the intended features, the target requirements, the behavior of the enemies, and the planned weapons.
According to the schedule, the shareware episode of Prey was supposed to be released around May/June 1998 (soon after the E3 presentation, when Duke Nukem Forever switched to the Unreal engine), and the game should have gone gold around September/October 1998 (when work was interrupted and Paul Schuytema's version of the game was canned). Last modified on October 29, 1997.

Master plot synopsis - A slightly more detailed overview of the intended plot. Last modified on December 12, 1997.

Dramatica text - Another plot overview, with motivations and feelings for each of the characters, describing how each character evolves during the game. Last modified on December 15, 1997.

Chapter 2 and 3 gameflow - Detailed description of the intended scenes, environments and objectives for the levels in chapters 2 and 3. Last modified on June 11, 1998.

Full Prey story treatment 1 - Description of the whole game story, divided into chapters, in turn divided into levels. Slightly less detailed than the Preyweb version. Last modified on June 11, 1998.

Prey story treatment 6 - Another description of the whole game story. This one mirrors the Preyweb version closely, except that the name "Talon Brave" and the word "prey" are correctly used throughout the document. Last modified on June 11, 1998.

Whole gameflow working July 14 - Detailed description of the intended scenes, environments and objectives for the whole game. Last modified on July 14, 1998.

Working ch4-7 - Descriptions of various intended scripted events from chapters 4 through 7. Notably, the view from the portal at the end of the game is described as "a city, obviously alien in nature": the same setting that was planned for Prey 2 in 2011 by Human Head. Last modified on July 30, 1998.

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