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NOTE: all these files are intended for use on a PC. The 2001 version and the demo do not need to be installed, just extract the files into a new directory. The utilities work on the full PC version of Duke Nukem Forever. No utilities exist for the console versions of Duke Nukem Forever. The DNF demos for PS3 and Xbox 360 are no longer available.

Duke Nukem Forever_2001_leak.zip
Description: This .zip file contains THE UNTOUCHED DUKE NUKEM FOREVER BUILD FROM OCTOBER 2001 .rar file as well as the included press kit by x0r. Also included is a decompressed version of both files, an assembled build of the game and an executable from August 2001. This package was released on May 10, 2022.
Format: ZIP
Size: 2.6 GB

Duke Nukem Forever demo
Description: THE DEMO OF DUKE NUKEM FOREVER that was released on June 3, 2011.
Format: RAR (split in two files). The archive is protected by the password t3h_f4t_dud3_L13D
Size: 1.21 GB
Instructions: what you are downloading is not a pair of archives containing different files. It is a single archive, split in two. So:
  • Double-click on either of the two files, enter the password and extract the content into the directory you want. At the end, DO NOT do the same with the other file, because you already extracted the whole demo from both files.
  • In the newly created directory, you will find a new .rar file called Dukenukemcrack.rar. Double-click on it and extract the content into the same directory you created for the demo.
  • You will find a new subdirectory, called Dukenukemcrack. Inside, there are three files. You must cut them, reach the System subdirectory and paste them.
  • You can now launch the demo, by double clicking the DukeForeverDemo.exe executable.
  • If the program crashes, you can try to disable the Data Execution Prevention feature for DukeForeverDemo.exe. You can do so by following the instructions at http://web.archive.org/web/20170521013619/http://www.thewindowsclub.com/turn-off-data-execution-prevention-dep.
How to enable the console in the demo:
  • If the Duke game is open, close it.
  • In the shortcut properties to the Duke game, add this to the path of the game in the target box: -log
    It should look like this: "X:\Path\DukeForeverDemo.exe" -log
    Note: You can create the shortcut to this file yourself if needed.
  • Open the game with this shortcut.
  • Press the Windows Key or ALT+Tab to move out of the game and to the console window.
  • In the console window, enter this command: set UWindow.WindowConsole ConsoleKey 192
  • After you’ve entered the command, quit/exit the game.
  • Now, start the game without the shortcut, or after removing -log from the shortcut.
  • While the game is running, press the ~ key, which is usually located at the top left of the keyboard.

Description: Minidemos showing off features from the Meqon physical engine, used from 2003 to 2006.
Format: ZIP
Size: 1404 KB

Description: Custom .ini file to unlock all chapters, achievements, Ego items and the Extras menu.
Format: ZIP
Size: 5 KB

Description: Utility to extract individual resources (textures, sounds, models) from package files.
Format: ZIP
Size: 9474 KB

Description: Utility to replace standard Duke Nukem Forever textures with custom textures.
Format: ZIP
Size: 30591 KB

Description: Utility to downgrade the Duke Nukem Forever executable and reacquire access to the command console, enable cheats, unlock extra material. NOTE: it breaks compatibility with the DLC.
Format: RAR. The archive is protected by the password t3h_f4t_dud3_L13D
Size: 128.1 MB

Description: Smaller utility to reacquire access to the command console. NOTE: it only works with versions preceding the release of the DLC.
Format: ZIP
Size: 83 KB
  • Unzip the archive into your Duke Nukem Forever directory.
  • Double-click flawlessws.exe
  • Configure additional effects you want to enable or disable (personally, I keep the FOV fix disabled)
  • Run Duke Nukem Forever
  • Use ALT+TAB to return to the desktop while the game keeps running
  • Press the Do It button on the Flawless Widescreen window
  • A small window will pop up. In that window, type the following: set input o ShowControls | Type
  • Press Return, then click the Duke Nukem Forever icon on your taskbar to return to the game.
  • In the game, press O to access the console. The console is now enabled permanently, and the next times you play, you'll be able to access the console WITHOUT repeating this procedure (just press O to access it).

Description: Deathmatch level for Unreal, released by Keith Schuler on June 26, 1998.
Format: ZIP
Size: 353 KB

Description: Textures from the last iteration of Duke Nukem Forever based on the Quake2 engine, included in the October 26, 2001 alpha version.
Format: ZIP (the textures inside are BMP)
Size: 328 KB

Description: Archive of models, textures and utilities from the late Quake2 era and the early Unreal era, from a backup CD dated December 23, 1999. It also contains a number of textures from Paul Schuytema's iteration of Prey.
Format: RAR. The archive is protected by the password t3h_f4t_dud3_L13D
Size: 292 MB

Description: Fixed versions of the Area 51 map included in the asset archive. Repackaged archive for a simpler extraction.
Format: ZIP (the maps inside are DNF)
Size: 286 KB
Instructions: Extract the contents of the archive to the maps subdirectory in your DNF 2001 directory. Launch the game, press F12 to activate the console and type:
  • open kslab3 (for the restored map with nothing added)
  • open 1998PaulRichardsArea51 (for an updated version with addition by the Restoration Team)

Description: Extremely high-poly model of Duke Nukem, made by Mark Skelton in 2008
Format: RAR (the files inside are MAX and FBX). The archive is protected by the password t3h_th1n_dud3_L13D_2
Size: 51.8 MB

Description: Textures for Mark Skelton's Duke Nukem model
Format: ZIP (the files inside are TGA)
Size: 40.4 MB

Duke Nukem Forever is a copyright © 2011 Gearbox Software.
Duke Nukem and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Gearbox Software.