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Concept art
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Duke Nukem Forever concept art from 1998
The first picture appeared on Computer Gaming World.
The second (also sent by 3DRealms to Computer Gaming World) comes from the official PDF of a Croatian magazine named PC Play (issue 4, August 1998).
The third and fourth are from a book about making video games.
The next shows George Broussard and AndyLaCombe (Duke Nukem model at E3 1995, 1996, 1998 and 2001) looking at concept art.
Most of the rest are sketches Paul Richards made for Duke Nukem Forever in 1998 and subsequently released for his portfolio.
The last two sketches are made by Dan Panosian, and show respectively the Army Ant enemy (the red or silver enemy in the 1998 trailer) and a Gray alien that also appeared in sketches by other artists.

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