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Duke Nukem Forever screenshots from 1998
The first two screenshots were released by 3DRealms shortly before deciding to scrap everything that was done with the Quake 2 engine and restart the development with the Unreal engine.
The next two screenshots come from issues of Computer Gaming World and GamePro, published at about the same time.
The following screenshots (which 3DRealms also sent to Computer Gaming World and GamePro) come from the official PDF of a Croatian magazine named PC Play (issue 4, August 1998).
The photographs show, respectively, Chris Johnson making a level with QuakeEd, and Ruben Cabrera with a Duke Nukem Forever screenshot as his desktop wallpaper.
The last two pictures show the contents of folders from Frederick Schreiber's backup of the Duke Nukem Forever demo shown in 1998 at E3.

The thumbnails with the word "ENHANCED" lead to rescaled versions of official (=not scanned) screenshots, processed with LetsEnhance.

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