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Duke Nukem Forever screenshots from 1997
The first image is the first sneak-peek of anything related to Duke Nukem Forever that 3DRealms ever provided. It was hidden inside the webcam tour of their old office and shows a level designer building a level with QuakeEd.
The next screenshot is the first official Duke Nukem Forever screenshot ever released.
The following 11 screenshots were sent by 3DRealms to PC Gamer for their article in the November 1997 issue. They all show prototyping work done with the Quake 1 engine before receiving the source code of Quake 2 from id.
The file list picture shows the names of the test levels that were done by April 14, 1997 on the Quake 1 engine.

The thumbnail with the word "ENHANCED" leads to rescaled versions of the official (=not scanned) screenshot, processed with LetsEnhance.

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