Prey Museum

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Concept art
1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 2005 - 2006
Prey concept art from 1998
The first eleven pictures were meant to be used as part of backgrounds, logos, posters or banners.
Following them is a concept of 11 possible health symbols.
The next 38 pictures are non-textured low-poly renders of various hostile or non-hostile characters.
Next are two screenshots of levels being edited with Preditor, two of a character being worked on with Skinner, and two (released by Frederik Schreiber in 2019) of one of Talon Brave's animations being worked on with 3D Studio Max.
The rest are hand-drawn sketches portraying Talon Brave (the protagonist of Paul Schuytema's iteration of Prey), Hataa-Skeen (a "cyber-vampire" whom Talon Brave was supposed to meet in the Sphere, and who belonged to the Humanoid species of the Trocara), a Keeper, various enemies, and finally the layout of the Sphere in Paul Schuytema's iteration of Prey.
They were all part of the Preyweb, which used to be a private web site set up by 3DRealms as a reference for the Prey team, and which George Broussard passed to Human Head in 2001, containing (among other things) Paul Schuytema's complete story for Prey.

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